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The Regency Chess Company retails a huge range of chess products from our warehouses in Europe. We import chess sets, boards and associated products from countries all over the world including Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, Holland, Greece and India. All of our chess sets are available to order online through our extensive online shop. We ship products to every corner of the globe and we have highly competitive shipping rates throughout all of mainland Europe including Ireland. Our huge range of chess sets and products have been selected for their high quality, durability and style.

We only sell products that we have true belief in, products that are desirable, well made and represent excellent value for money. Our product range covers everything from the very cheap, to the very expensive, with everything else included in between. We have been retailing chess sets online since 2008 and have built up a solid reputation for supplying the very best products, with the best levels of customer service. We have always strived to produce the very best website for our customers, with accurate and clear photography that represents our products in their true light. You simply will not find a better and more professional chess retail website online.

The best range of chess sets in Europe

Since 2008 we have been growing our range of hand picked chess products. We stock sets ranging from under ten euros to over a thousand. During that time we have fine tuned our range of products to only include the finest quality products. We’ve gone to huge efforts to create some of the best chess set combinations, often sourcing pieces from one producer, a board from another, and a box or clock from another which allows us to produce the best unique sets on the internet. Our range of traditional Staunton chess sets is easily the best in Europe.

Chess set and board

The phrase 'chess sets' is a very general one that can mean anything from a set of pieces on their own, a travel chess set or a flat board with pieces and clock. While other sections on our website feature boards on their own, travel sets and chessmen. Our chess sets section we refers to a set of pieces combined with a board and maybe a case and clock. Of course all the components of a chess set can be bought as separates meaning you can mix and match as you please.

Wooden Sets

Wood is the most common and popular material used for chess sets and boards and while there are plenty of other materials used for chess pieces, the boards are pretty much always wooden. The wood types used varies immensely with a huge selection available, from rosewood to ebony, the selection is huge. Within the scope of wooden chess sets we also stock plenty of beautiful rare and precious woods which includes rosewood, sheesham and ebony. Ebony has been used to make chess pieces for over two hundred years. It has characteristics that lend itself perfectly to the formation of black chess pieces.

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